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Copic Marker Class Day 1

on September 22, 2014

Today I started an Online Card Class on Copic Markers for Card Makers. This class is going to give me lots of great tips on how to better utilize my growing Copic marker collection! Today: Basics! How to shade with 2 or 3 markers. They said it was okay to go outside of the lines even though it makes me cringe! Since these are work night posts, they will not be too fancy, I just want to get my “Homework” Posted!

I am looking forward to more fun tomorrow!



2 responses to “Copic Marker Class Day 1

  1. Lee S. says:

    Art class is always fun!

  2. sandyallnock604961649 says:

    Happy coloring! Looks like you’re having fun already 🙂 🙂 🙂

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